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Updated 7 January 2023

BIDS WANTED, folded maps and maps in covers available for sale.
Folded maps and maps in covers in a collection assembled by an early member of the Society are offered for sale by his family and are listed here, items wanted by the Society's Archive at Cambridge and other national collections having already been donated.

If you would like any of these maps, financial bids should be emailed to David Watt by 6pm Saturday 28th January 2023. Details on lots and bidding practices can be found in the listing introduction.

WANTED, One inch 5th Relief map and Half Inch Ministry of Transport maps
I am trying to find the last One inch 5th Relief edition map (red H23.1 cover) needed to complete the set.
The sheet needed is: 108, Chelmsford and Southend
Also the last six sheets of the England & Wales half inch 'Ministry of Transport' maps, with the orange paper bookfold covers (H14.1)
The sheets needed are: 1, 11, 23, 28, 34 and 38
If anyone has any of these sheets in good condition that they are willing to sell, please contact Ashley Lawrence to discuss prices.

FREE, A complete run of Sheetlines from Issue 1
All in good clean condition, and free, if the carriage is paid, or collected from Dorking.
Please contact John Coombes, or telephone 01306 880736.

FOR SALE, Publications relating to the Ordnance Survey, and Sheetlines back copies
A Member has to dispose of a number of publications relating to Ordnance survey and mapping and also copies of Sheetlines, Nos 1-124. These are:


  • Close, Colonel Sir Charles: The early years of the Ordnance Survey. David and Charles reprints, 1969.
  • Committee of the Royal Geographical Society of Scotland: The early maps of Scotland to 1850, Vol. 1. 3rd ed. Rev and enlarged by D.G. Moir, Royal Geographical Society of Scotland, 1973.
  • Crone, G.R.: Maps and their makers. 4th rev. ed, Hutchison, 1968.
  • Davies, Gordon L Herries: North from the Hook. 150 years of the Geological survey of Ireland. Geological survey of Ireland, 1995.
  • Harley, J.B. :Ordnance Survey maps, a descriptive manual. HMSO, 1975.
  • Hellyer, Roger: The “ten-mile” maps of the Ordnance Surveys.Charles Close Society, 1992.
  • Hellyer, Roger and Oliver, Richard: One inch engraved maps of the Ordnance Survey from 1847, Cromwell P, 2009.
  • Inglis, Harry R.G. The contour road book of Scotland, Gall & Inglis, 1922.
  • Seymour, W.A. (ed.): A history of the Ordnance survey. Dawson, 1980.
  • Thrower, Norman, J.W.: Maps and man, an examination of cartography in relation to culture and civilisation. Prentice Hall, 1972.
  • Tooley, R.V.: Maps and map-makers. 4th ed. Bonanza Books, 1979.
  • Winterbotham, H.S.L.: A key to maps, Blackie, 1936.

  • Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. Scotland: indexes to the 1/2500 and 6 inch scale maps. New enlarged ed. David Archer 1993.
  • Wilson, R.B. A history of the Geological survey in Scotland, Nat. Env. Reseach Council, 1977.
  • Anderson, Alison: Ben peach's Scotland: Landscape sketches by a Victorian artist., Inst. of Geological Sciences, 1980.
  • Hodson, Yolande: Map making in the Tower of London. Ordnance Survey's early years: an exhibition to celebrate the bicentenary of Ordnance survey, 1991.
  • O'Donoghue, Yolande: William Roy 1726-1790, pioneer of the Ordnance survey. British Museum pubs, 1977.
  • Stone, Jeffrey C. : A locational guide to the Pont, Gordon and Blaeu maps of Scotland (O'Dell memorial monograph, 3). Univ. of Aberdeen, Dept. of Geography, 1971.
  • Moore, J.N.: The Historical cartography of Scotland.(O'Dell Memorial monograph, no. 24) Univ. of Aberdeen, Dept. of Geography, 1991.
  • Forbes, Eric G. The birth of scientific navigation: the solving in the 18th century of the problem of finding longtitude at sea. (Maritime monographs and reports, 10) National Maritime Museum, 1974.
  • Surveying and mapping the Developing world: the work of the Directorate of Overseas Surveys.
  • War Office: Notes on map reading, 1929, reprinted with amendments (Nos. 1 to 4) 1939. HMSO, 1940.
  • Ordnance Survey 1791-1991 McGrath, Gerald ; Mapping for development: the contributions of the Directorate of Overseas Surveys (Cartographica Vol. 20, Nos 1 & 2, 1983.)
  • A brief guide to Cartographic information sources on Parish boundaries in Scotland.
  • General Register Office for Scotland: Index to the registration districts.

Katherine would be happy to send these (postage charge only) to any Members who might be interested in what is a too specialised subject for donation to the usual bookshops. Please contact Katherine directly by email to arrange any transactions.

FOR SALE, Selection of 1:50,000 maps, One Inch Populars, 6th and 7th Edition Maps
A Member has collected a large number of 1:50,000 and one-inch maps from the family of the late Eric Peel. They were keen that they should be offered to collectors so it's agreed to advertise them on the Society website, together with some additional duplicates. All money raised will be shared between two charities of the family's choice - the Royal Marsden Hospital and The Samaritans.

They are mostly priced between £1 and £1.50 each. A contribution towards postage is requested. The first list is the One Inch Popular maps, 6th editions, 7th editions and some other bits in the list here. Then there are the 1:50,000 maps both 1st edition and Landrangers in this list. Please contact Richard Clark if you are interested in any of the remaining maps. Richard is in Stafford should you want to meet in person instead.

A Member has copies of Sheetlines numbered 81-123 which he's offering free to a good home. All he askes is for the cost of postage/cartage or to collect from Bromsgrove, or free delivery in that area. If you're interested, please contact by email Andrew Turner to discuss postage or collection.

Firstly a selection of maps can be located here

Then the following books are for sale:
Alfred Wainwright books. All in good condition with original sleeves covers.

  • Walks In Limestone Country
  • Pennine Way Companion
  • Book One The Eastern Fells Ninth Impression
  • Book Two The far Eastern Fells Eight Impression
  • Book Three The Central Fells Fourteenth Impression
  • Book Four The Southern Fells Tenth Impression
  • Book Five The Northern Fells Seventh Impression
  • Book Six The North Western Fells Seventh Impression
  • Book Seven The Western Fells Seventh Impression
The English Lake District by MJB Baddeley Sixteenth Edition (no sleeve)

If you are interesting in acquiring one or more of the above , please contact by email Richard Summers with your offer of renumeration for them. If successful, you can then arrange transfer with Richard.

OFFERS REQUESTED, The bookshop of the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology has received:-
Ordnance Survey Maps of the United Kingdom: a description of their scales, characteristics etc (HMSO 1907) 16pp + 13 extracts, 8"x13" sewn in brown paper covers. The most useful section may perhaps be the styles for showing administrative boundaries and names on County Series maps, both the pre-1879 and post-1879 systems. (How many of us can confidently distinguish Liberties from Superintendent Registrars' Districts?) Among the extracts, the most appreciated may be those of Salisbury showing the four styles of the one-inch that were current: a rare opportunity to acquire a Brown-Hills specimen (albeit one printed lithographically).

Any offers by email to the Honorary Secretary will be communicated to the bookshop.

OFFERS REQUESTED, Five lots of folded and flat maps
The Society is helping with the relocation of five lots of maps for the estate of the late Richard Porter. These lots are listed below, with the details held in a PDF from the associated link. Bids are requested for individual lots or the entire collection, which will result in equivalent donations to BCS and CCS jointly in return.

  • Folded OS maps, see list here
  • Directorate of Overseas Surveys (DOS) maps, see list here
  • Land Use maps, see list here
  • Geology maps, see list here
  • Various other maps, see list here
If you are interesting in acquiring one or more of these lots, please contact Seppe Cassettari with your offer of renumeration for them. If successful, you can then arrange transfer with Seppe.

WANTED, Further OS Publication Reports
Rob Pearce is now looking for OS Publication Report data for the period Jan 1945 - Dec 1946. Specifically these are for 1:25,000 (two and a half inch), and 6" scale NG mapping. As previously requested, originals or legible scans are perfectly acceptable to him if you can help further.

He has now sourced all the data he needs for 1:2500 and 1:1250 scale NG sheets, and it turns out this data was first published starting in 1947. The above info is for adding to his online mapping utility mentioned previously. The end result will be a graphic tool covering publication dates for all large and medium scale NG mapping, ie. everything larger than 1-Inch scale.

Small scale mapping such as the 1-inch will not be tackled due to the difficulty in knowing where to draw the line, trying to define which maps adhere to a regular NG layout is a grey area. Contact Rob if you can help.