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Added 1 March 2021
FOR SALE, from David Archer
New for this month's list :
  • New Series maps
  • Revised New Series maps
  • Third Edition, small sheet series maps
Please click here for the detailed list. Another list will be available on 1st April.

I am trying to find the last One inch 5th Relief edition Ordnance Survey map (red H23.1 cover) I need to complete the set.
The sheet needed is: 108, Chelmsford and Southend
If anyone has this sheet that they are willing to sell, please contact Ashley Lawrence to discuss a price.

Added 10 January 2021
LARGE SCALE COUNTY MAPS available for collection.
I am currently holding some 160 Six-inch and 25-inch sheets of parts of Essex and East Yorkshire. They are from the collection of member John V Nicholls, who sadly passed away last summer. John's family ask only for a modest donation to charity, and for them to be collected in person, from Burton upon Trent.
If you're interested, please contact Lez Watson for a copy of the sheet listings.

Added 2 May 2020
Remaining unsold books from the collection of the late Ian O'Brien.
The Honorary Secretary of The Society had originally intended to have a table at the Lincoln AGM with the Society's remaining unsold books from the collection of the late Ian O'Brien. Because there will be no map market this year and because he understands some Members have been reduced to reading the list of ingredients on their cornflakes packets, he has produced this PDF list listing of cartographic books and atlases.
In the interest of simplicity, prices include UK P&P. Please contact him on for bank transfer details if you wish to purchase anything.

Added 25 April 2020
Travel Clock. Ordnance Survey branded.
As new, all original packaging, but heavy. Box about 3” X 3” X 1”, clock only smidge smaller. Yours for £20.
Contact Alan Fair (746) on or 01730 267991 for details, pictures or to snap up a bargain.

Added 16 April 2020
WANTED: Any (most) Cardiganshire County Series 25" plans.
Any condition considered. Also may be interested in Quarter sheet 6" plans of Cardiganshire.
Please contact Martin Loach on or 01974 261736 if you are interested. His location is Ceredigion, West Wales.

Added 27 February 2020
1:50,000 1st and 2nd Series Maps available for collection.
A member of the Ramblers Association has around 100 1st and 2nd Series 1:50,000 maps from the 1970s that they want to move on.
They ask only for a donation to charity, and for them to be collected in person rather than be posted out.
If you're interested, please contact Anne Jones via email to discuss further and arrange collection.

Added 16 February 2020
Populars, Fifths, Sevenths, Landrangers, Explorers & Barts 100k.
FOR SALE: OS. Pops, Fifths, Sevenths, Land Rangers, Explorers, Barts 100k.
Fellow Members, I have several items for sale in EXCELLENT condition in the above categories.
If you have any please contact me to see the specific maps for sale or your general Wants list:

NEEDS: Pops, Fifths, Sevenths, Land Rangers, Explorors, Barts 100k.
I am looking for anyone who may be able to fill some gaps in my collections above.
If you have any OS maps in excellent condition only in the above series, please get in touch directly to me stating items for sale:

Dr. Iain Taylor (#61)

Added 20 January 2020
Free to collect from the Bristol area.
I have a large swatch of assorted sheet maps looking for a good home. These are a real mixed bunch, mostly paper but some on cloth and almost all colour and include examples of:
(1) plates from the Atlas of England & Wales such as the Bathy-orographical maps of England and Wales (1:700,000), of the British Isles (1:900,000), Population density maps and Vegetation & Agricultural maps. Not dated but c.1910
(2) GSGS sheets (eg GSGS 2738 of France etc, 1943, GSGS4346 of Budapest, Bari, Rhodes etc 1944)
(3) Sheets from the Philips Large School Maps (England and Wales) 1:375,000
(4) 1” Popular edition Scotland
(5) 1” Land Utilisation maps (Stow on the Wold, Gloucester)
(6) Various 6” and 1:10,000 maps – at least 25 assorted English and Scottish
(7) Various Bartholemew’s ½”
(8) OS ¼” 3rd edition Scotland, Islands
(9) OS Special District (Relief) map Cotswolds 1933
(10) Plus many international maps, eg Papua & New Guinea, Marquesas Islands (c 1899), NEPAL, Nicaragua, South Pole
(11) Geological maps, inc Canada 1”, South Africa, Morocco
Available free to anyone interested but must be collected (near Bristol). Email if you're interested.