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Updated 18 December 2021

WANTED, OS Publication Reports
A Member is building a mapping display database showing the initial post-war recasting of the county series 1:2,500 maps and the rollout of the 1:1,250 maps. He needs help gaining some OS Publication Reports, covering first publication of 1:1,250 and 1:2,500 NG series maps, which are believed commenced before the end of the War. Can you help with the list below? Contact Rob Pearce if you can:

  • All Publication Reports from 1944 to August 1962
  • May 1967
  • July 1980
  • August 1980

WANTED, One inch 5th Relief 'Chelmsford & Southend', sheet 108
I am trying to find the last One inch 5th Relief edition Ordnance Survey map (red H23.1 cover) needed to complete the set.
The sheet needed is: 108, Chelmsford and Southend
If anyone has this sheet that they are willing to sell, please contact Ashley Lawrence to discuss a price.

Jerry Stampfer always has around 10,000 OS maps in stock at any one time, of which approximately half are listed for sale on his website

He's always looking to buy OS and other folding maps in good condition, including complete collections. Email Jerry directly, or call Jerry Stampfer on 01598 763531.

An incomplete sets of:-

  • The Map Collector (22 issues), and...
  • Mercator’s World (20 issues)
Please contact Bob Parry if you have an interest and would like to discuss further.

Nigel Duncan has the following OS maps available free to anyone who is able to collect from London SE10, or arrange for delivery.
Please get in touch with Nigel directly by email if you're interested.

  • 1: 25,000
    • Explorer: 7 maps - 183, 196, 197, 220, 226, 231, 249
    • Outdoor Leisure: 3 maps - 17, 18, 31
  • 1:50,000
    • First Series: 9 maps - 121, 132, 133, 149, 162, 163, 172, 183, 189
    • Second series: 2 maps - 139, 176
    • Landranger: 48 maps - all different
  • 1 inch
    • NPE Sheet 189 (Land's End)
    • Tourist map - Peak District
All in good but used condition (only one seriously worn).
Also a variety of European maps and guide books, plus a few further afield.

FOR SALE, from David Archer
New for this month's list :
  • Boundary Commission maps, 1868
  • Bartholomew's Quarter-inch maps of Ireland
Please click here for the detailed list.
Another list will be available later in the year, but please email with any enquiries.

LARGE SCALE COUNTY MAPS available for collection.
I am currently holding some 160 Six-inch and 25-inch sheets of parts of Essex and East Yorkshire. They are from the collection of member John V Nicholls, who sadly passed away last summer. John's family ask only for a modest donation to charity, and for them to be collected in person, from Burton upon Trent.
If you're interested, please contact Lez Watson for a copy of the sheet listings.