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Sheetlines Articles: Issues 111-date (2018 to date)

December 2022
Issue 125, page 2-13, The five-foot Town Surveys in Lancashire, Rob Wheeler
Issue 125, page 14-19, The Isle of Lewis survey reconsidered, John Moore
Issue 125, page 23-43, ‘It’s all about me’? Reminiscences of writing, Richard Oliver
Issue 125, page 57-60, Kerry musings, David Archer

August 2022
Issue 124, page 2-13, The Patrick Welham Collection of New Popular Maps, Rob Wheeler
Issue 124, page 17-28, Milestones and other distance markers and the Ordnance Survey, Richard Oliver
Issue 124, page 34-46, An 1840 diagram of the Secondary Triangulation of N. Scotland, David L Walker
Issue 124, page 57-60, Kerry musings, David Archer

April 2022
Issue 123, page 2-4, Peter Clark, Yo Hodson
Issue 123, page 7-25, OS 25-inch mapping of threshing mills in Scotland, Paul Bishop
Issue 123, page 26-30, The Ordnance Survey in the Isle of Man (1864-68), Stephen Miller
Issue 123, page 31-46, Hidden in plain sight?, John Ambler
Issue 123, page 57-60, Kerry musings, David Archer

December 2021
Issue 122, page 3-5, OS200:Digitally re-mapping Ireland’s OS heritage, Keith Lilley & Catherine Porter
Issue 122, page 6-14, OS name books of Scotland and the study of place-names, Nevis Hulme
Issue 122, page 17-28, Changes in drainage of an area south of Maldon, Essex, Peter Wynn
Issue 122, page 43-48, LiDAR re-lights the issue of mapping lime kilns in Scotland, Paul Bishop
Issue 122, page 49-56, Why the County Series, Rob Wheeler
Issue 122, page 61-64, Kerry musings, David Archer

August 2021
Issue 121, page 2-12, Is there ideal basic content for a topographic map?, Richard Oliver
Issue 121, page 13-28, The 1st edition of the 1:2500 in Suffolk, RC Wheeler
Issue 121, page 36-39, Brian Adams (Breviter) redux, Michael Spencer
Issue 121, page 40-48, From Ruabon to Rangoon: the 61 Indian Reproduction Group IE, Ian Jacobs
Issue 121, page 63-65, Kerry musings, David Archer

April 2021
Issue 120, page 3-10, Do you want to know a secret , John Ambler
Issue 120, page 11-35, OS mapping of water mills, Paul Bishop
Issue 120, page 36-40, One-thousandth of an acre: the measurement of areas, Chris Higley
Issue 120, page 41-44, A moorland mystery , Andrew Darling
Issue 120, page 56-58, Kerry musings, David Archer

December 2020
Issue 119, page 6-17,The Ordnance Survey and Airy’s figure of the earth, David L Walker
Issue 119, page 18-25, St Agnes Beacon, Ann Preston-Jones
Issue 119, page 30-43, Soviet topographic maps of the UK, John L Cruickshank
Issue 119, page 61-63, Kerry musings, David Archer

August 2020
Issue 118, page 3-18, The archaeological revision of the Isles of Scilly, 1978, Norman Quinnell
Issue 118, page 20-26, Early Military Map Surveyors of the Board of Ordnance, Rose Mitchell and Emma Down
Issue 118, page 27-35, A minor mapping mystery: the Evan Water Aqueduct (and some other unusual bridges), Stephen JG Hall
Issue 118, page 44-49, Burton-on-Trent Borough 1878 – boundary markers, Lez Watson
Issue 118, page 60-62, Kerry musings, David Archer

April 2020
Issue 117, page 3-8, Luftwaffe air photos and the OS Special Emergency Edition, Rob Wheeler
Issue 117, page 9-22, A fresh look at the initial Ordnance triangulation of 1795-1811, David L Walker
Issue 117, page 27-29, Colonel AD Yudin and others – the personalities behind Soviet military city plans, David Watt
Issue 117, page 30-44, OS and mapping of tram routes, John Ambler
Issue 117, page 49-50, Lows of Britain, Peter Haigh
Issue 117, page 56-59,
Kerry musings, David Archer

December 2019
Issue 116, page 5-17, OS and the mapping of tram routes, Richard Oliver
Issue 116, page 18-22, OS Britsh Army training maps 1906-1918, Derek Deadman
Issue 116, page 30-40, An anclent alignment - the Baldernock parish boundary stones, Niall A Logan
Issue 116, page 41-43, The Black Letter Prayer Book, Bill Henwood
Issue 116, page 44-47, A Six-inch Lancs and Yorks cartobibliography, Rob Wheeler
Issue 116, page 59-61, Kerry musings, David Archer

August 2019
Issue 115, page 48-52, Kerry musings, David Archer
Issue 115, page 41-45, OS tidal observatories at Felixstowe and Dunbar, Michael Spencer
Issue 115, page 23-25, Cardiff: revisions for defence - and attack, Chris Higley
Issue 115, page 8-13, Disputing the Roman map, various authors
Issue 115, page 3-7, Brightling and the principal triangulation, Robert Fenner

April 2019
Issue 114, page 49-52, Kerry musings, David Archer
Issue 114, page 30-32, OS covers and titles update, Derek Deadman
Issue 114, page 24-29,The Armistice was not the end of the war, John L Cruickshank
Issue 114, page 20-22, An uphill struggle: the contoured map of the Thames Basin, Bill Henwood
Issue 114, page 8-15, Odd rocks in the Outer Hebrides, Michael Spencer
Issue 114, page 2-7, Map evidence for the London Balloon, Bernard Anderson and Deborah Stebbing

December 2018
Issue 113, page 49-52, Kerry musings, David Archer
Issue 113, page 42-47, Sir Henry James' Domesday Book, Rob Wheeler
Issue 113, page 37-41, Rivers and their catchment areas, Michael Spencer, Bill Henwood
Issue 113, page 25-33, The six-inch survey of Lancashire and Yorkshire and railway revison, Rob Wheeler
Issue 113, page 23-24, I'm a rambler from Manchester way, John Davies
Issue 113, page 13-18, Don't lose your way: putting historical rights of way back on the map, Jack Cornish
Issue 113, page 6-12, Surveying the surveyors: the landscape legacies of the Ordnance Survey, Keith D Lilley

August 2018
Issue 112, page 57-59, Kerry musings, David Archer
Issue 112, page 51-53, Agas to OS: Oxford’s changing townscape in old maps and new, Nick Millea
Issue 112, page 46-50, Mapping of caves in Co Clare, Ireland , Michael Richardson
Issue 112, page 31-38, Representation of railway track layouts on the County Series, Rob Wheeler
Issue 112, page 21-30, London area AD map – has the mystery been solved?, Bernard Anderson and Deborah Stebbing
Issue 112, page 3-16, Kiwi topographic maps, John L Cruickshank

April 2018
Issue 111, page 55-57, Kerry musings, David Archer
Issue 111, page 50-54, Re-inventing the romer, Thomas O'Loughlin
Issue 111, page 46-48, The GB 1900 project, Chris Fleet and others
Issue 111, page 38-45, Roy's map of Minden, 1759, RC Wheeler
Issue 111, page 29-31, Merely clarifications, David EM Andrews
Issue 111, page 13-21, OS covers and titles, Derek Deadman
Issue 111, page 2-12, City of London cartographic meander, John King