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The British Cartographic Society (BCS), was formed in 1963 and is open and for all who love map making and geographic data visualisation. As one of the world’s leading cartographic societies, the BCS offers a unique forum for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge on all aspects of maps and mapmaking. 

The Charles Close Society is in partnership with the BCS to cross-promote not only cartography and cartographic history, but also the history of the Ordnance Survey and the maps produced by them. This includes the surveying involved, collecting, research and curating or ordnance survey maps. Our aim as a Society with this partnership is to maximise the exposure of our interests and study to the masses, to share knowledge, provide a resource for study and learning and protect the history and products of our National Mapping Agency the Ordnance Survey. This can only be enhanced by our partnership with the BCS. 

8TH MARCH 2022, JOINT ONLINE TALK The Society arranged the first joint online talk with the BCS, entitled 'TERRAIN CARTOGRAPHY' in early March 2022. CCS member Dave Watt and Paul Naylor from BCS & Ordnance Survey discussed the mapping of terrain and how the visualisation and techniques used to depict it have changed over time. There followed a Q&A session after the two speakers’ talks. You can view the recording here, the streaming length is 1hr 24m. 

We hope to continue with joint talks with the BCS to continue our collaboration and close ties with the Society. More details on events will appear here.