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Ordnance Survey

The name Ordnance Survey applies loosely to various organisations responsible for mapping parts of the British Isles

Ordnance Survey of Great Britain covers England, Scotland and Wales
View current OSGB Landranger map on-line
For listings, see Lez Watson's Ordnance Survey Leisure Maps summary lists

Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland covers Northern Ireland
View OSNI mapping on-line

Ordnance Survey of Ireland covers the Irish Republic
View OSI mapping on-line

Isle of Man Survey produces large scale mapping of Isle of Man (but 1:50,000 and smaller is by OSGB).
See the report of the Society visit to Isle of Man Survey in April 2008.
View Isle of Man mapping on-line

In the Channel Islands, the surveying and production of mapping is undertaken under licence by Digimap Ltd.
See the report of the Society visit to Digimap in Guernsey in July 2009.
View Guernsey mapping on-line

A brief history of British Geological Survey is available on their website

Information about UK Hydrographic Office and their archives can be found on their website.

Links to national mapping agencies in other countries here

National Grid
The National Grid covers England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. The Irish Grid covers the island of Ireland. Channel Islands use UTM grid.