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December 2017 Issue 110, page 58, Book review The Red Atlas, Chris Higley Issue 110, page 52-55, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue 110, page 39-42, A Bavarian comparison, Rob Wheeler Issue 110, page 24-25, The 1943 South Downs map, Mike Nolan Issue 110, page 14-17, Mere questions, Michael Spencer Issue 110, page 3-13, The Special Emergency Edition (SEE), Rob Wheeler 

August 2017 Issue 109, page 13-22, OS Books of Reference (Area books), Paul Bishop Issue 109, page 23-36 New Series to Popular: European parallels, RC Wheeler Issue 109, page 42-52, Is there an optimum size for topographic maps?, Richard Oliver Issue 109, page 62-65, Kerry musings, David Archer 

April 2017 Issue 108, page 2-8, Gill Sans typefaces leave a marked impression on OS maps, David Millbank Challis Issue 108, page 9-17, OS 1:50,000 (Landranger) covers, Lez Watson Issue 108, page 22-23, Combined Ordnance Survey maps, Milke Nolan Issue 108, page 24-31, The Spcial Emergency Edition in Lincolnshire, Rob Wheeler Issue 108, page 34-41, Ordnance Survey and hunt maps, Tony Burgess and Derek Deadman Issue 108, page 55-57, Kerry musings, David Archer 

December 2016 Issue 107, page 2-3, Is Britain on the move?, Mark Greaves Issue 107, page 4-7, Two interesting maps for ‘OS225’, Richard Oliver Issue 107, page 8-12, Scotland in Roman times — a little speculation, David Archer Issue 107, page 13-19, Survey of Bicester Pioneer Square complex, Mick Upfield Issue 107, page 20-22, Limekilns – still a burning issue, Doug Mitchell and Paul Bishop Issue 107, page 23-25, OGS Crawford’s annotated maps, Bill Perry Issue 107, page 32-34, Use of the Ordnance Survey for planning rural sewerage, David L Walker Issue 107, page 35-37, Working at Ordnance Survey in 1930s Issue 107, page 39-43, A special plan of Ryde – the 1:2500 Special, Rob Wheeler Issue 107, page 46-50, The New Forest Tourist map of 1966, Rob Wheeler Issue 107, page 52-55, The British system & the modified British system of grid referencing, inversion of references & pinpointing, Mike Nolan Issue 107, page 56-57, For an up-to-date map - go to Stanford, Rob Wheeler Issue 107, page 58-60, Kerry musings, David Archer 

August 2016 Issue 106, page 4-11, Ordnance Survey on the rails, Richard Dean Issue 106, page 12-20, Thomas Colby's book collection, Bill Hines Issue 106, page 21-23, Wynnstay Hall and the School of Military Survey, WN Saunders Issue 106, page 25-26, Further observations on the map of East Anglia, Rob Wheeler Issue 106, page 27, Not so secret tower, Paul Kennett Issue 106, page 28-29, The meaning of mereing, David EM Andrews Issue 106, page 37-40, Working at Ordnance Survey in the 1930s, Alfred Buckle Issue 106, page 43-49, Re-drawing of OS First Edition 1:2500 sheets for a later First Edition printing, Richard Oliver and Paul Bishop Issue 106, page 55-59, 50th Kerry musings, David Archer 

April 2016 Issue 105, page 2-6, Rebranding OS – a view from Cartography Production , Mark Wolstenholme Issue 105, page 7-25, The Lightning Cities and Road Map Company Limited , Roger Hellyer Issue 105, page 27-33, The internal divisions and size of buildings , Paul Bishop Issue 105, page 34-41, Merely a question of boundaries Part two – a consensus reached? , David EM Andrews Issue 105, page 44-53, The use by the Great Western Railway of Ordnance Survey maps in preparing land plans , Gavin Johns Issue 105, page 54-58, American target perspective maps of the second world war , Mike Nolan Issue 105, page 62-64, Kerry musings , David Archer 

December 2015 Issue 104, page 5-18, The troubled progress of the Scottish triangulation 1823-1858, David L Walker Issue 104, page 19-26, ‘Ticking the boxes’? Sustrans cycle-touring mapping, Richard Oliver Issue 104, page 28-29, Scaling the depths - a wet walk, David Andrews Issue 104, page 30-34, The ‘Auto-Mapic’ map of Great Britain, Thomas O’Loughlin Issue 104, page 35-36, A Kesteven road atlas, Rob Wheeler Issue 104, page 37-38, The moving story of river boundaries, Paul Bishop Issue 104, page 40-43, Proposed and mystery tunnels, Rob Wheeler, Alan Fair, John Ambler Issue 104, page 51-55, Mapping the past on the web, Stuart Dunn Issue 104, page 57-58, Obituary : CIM O'Brien, Christopher Board Issue 104, page 59-61, Kerry musings, David Archer 

August 2015 Issue 103, page 7-30, Where have all the (martello) towers gone?, Ifan Shepherd & Steve Chilton Issue 103, page 31-39, Merely a question of boundaries, David Andrews Issue 103, page 44, LA revision of OS large scale plans, Peter Dryburgh Issue 103, page 47-51, The NG Provisional 6-inch in Cambridgeshire, Rob Wheeler Issue 103, page 54-55, Internal divisions in buildings, Rob Wheeler Issue 103, page 56-59, Kerry musings, David Archer 

April 2015 Issue 102, page 5-16, Collaboration betweeen OS and Hydrographic officel, David L Walker & Adrian Webb Issue 102, page 22-28, More on UTM grid system, John Cruickshank Issue 102, page 36-40, London area AD: a mystery map, Gerry Zierler Issue 102, page 45-48, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue 102, page 56-62, The future is digital, Jack Kirby 

Deember 2014 Issue 101, page 60-62, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue 101, page 58, What makes a good society?, John Fowler Issue 101, page 57, UKHO and AIDU - maps for seamen, maps for airmen, John Davies Issue 101, page 52-55, Ordnance Surveys for HM Land Registry, John Cole Issue 101, page 50-51, OS maps and motor sport, Tim Stevens Issue 101, page 48-49, Error and efficiency - a cautionary note on large-scale accuracy, Richard Dean Issue 101, page 42-47, Further comment on OS mapping of limekilns in Scotland, Paul Bishop and David Munro Issue 101, page 39-41, Modern history on OS maps, Rob Wheeler Issue 101, page 31-38, James Gardner - surveyor, computer, publisher and engraver 1808-1840, David L Walker Issue 101, page 30, Seaplanes on Mersey, Tony Swarbrick Issue 101, page 29, Adding to Addington, Roger Byard Issue 101, page 4-28, Charting the aeronautical landscape - part 2, Ronald Blake Issue 101, page 2-3, Reburial of World War One dead, Chris Higley 

August 2014 Issue 100, page 59-62, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue 100, page 53-57, Observations on Maps from the past 5, Rob Wheeler Issue 100, page 47-51, How and where, Roger Hellyer Issue 100, page 42-46, Airfields on mapsl, John Davies, Ron Blake, Bill Henwood Issue 100, page 40-41, Contour accuracy, Rob Wheeler Issue 100, page 37-39, Nor any drop to drink, Peter Warburton Issue 100, page 33-36, ARP revision of 1938, Rob Wheeler Issue 100, page 27-32, An unusual surviving railway pier, Mike Horne Issue 100, page 23-26, A view of the Grampians, David L Walker Issue 100, page 11-22, The Baker Committee of 1892, Richard Oliver Issue 100, page 10, The light in the middle of the tunnel, John Davies Issue 100, page 5-8, World War One and the Luck family maps, Gerry Zierler 

April 2014 Issue99, page64, Book reviews: Yorkshire Dales trigpointing walks, Mapping the New World, Peter Haigh, John Davies Issue99, page59-61, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue99, page56-58, Grid colours, Richard Oliver Issue99, page40-41, Confrontation at Latterwood, Roger Carnt Issue99, page19-39, Charting the aeronautical landscape, Ronald Blake Issue99, page18, Northumberlandia, lady of the north, Paul Swindell Issue99, page5-17, Balta Sound and the figure of the earth, David L Walker Issue99, page2-4, The Ordnance Survey's earler years, Richard Oliver 

December 2013 Issue98, page64, Book review: Mapping the roads, John Davies Issue98, page60-62, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue98, page56, Dealing with awkward extrusions, Rob Wheeler Issue98, page54-55, Irish historic towns atlas, Rodney O'Leary Issue98, page52-53, Introduction of UTM grid, Mike Nolan Issue98, page50-51, British Library visit, John Henry Issue98, page46-49, CCS visit to Liverpool, John Henry Issue98, page44-45, Mapping the Olympic park, John Davies Issue98, page38-41, Masked balls, Rob Wheeler Issue98, page34-37, Grid colours on military maps, Mike Nolan Issue98, page32-33, OS County Series - NLS records listing project , Chris Fleet Issue98, page19-31, How OS depicted limekilns in Scotland's Central Belt, Paul Bishop and Gavin Thomas Issue98, page16-18, Revision points revisited, John Cole, Paul W Sowan. Geoffrey Spencer-Smith Issue98, page5-15, Initial triangulation of Scotland from 1809 to 1822, David L Walker Issue98, page3-4, News from the archives, Anne Taylor 

August 2013 Issue97, page56, Book review: Measure of Manhattan, John Davies Issue97, page51-53, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue97, page50, Geographic Journal on CCS website, John Davies Issue97, page48-49, Ha-has - the last laugh?, David Andrews and Paul Bishop Issue97, page46-47, Depiction of RAF stations, RC Wheeler Issue97, page38-43, Hunting with dogs and the OS, Aidan de la Mare Issue97, page36-37, Sheet 33 for me!, Graham Wilson Issue97, page33-35, Shooting towers and speed track, Aidan de la Mare Issue97, page31-32, London 2012 - more maps, John King Issue97, page28-30, The AA Touring map of Scotland, Ken Hollamby Issue97, page23-27, Struve revisited, JR Smith, David L Walker, Barbara Jones Issue97, page20-22, Changing the map - a brief introduction to Definitive map modification orders, Anthony Francis-Jones Issue97, page13-19, William Mudge and the General map of England, RC Wheeler Issue97, page10-12, The Concise guide - a concise history, Richard Oliver Issue97, page5-7, Visit to Cambridge University Library, Peter Walker and Chris Higley Issue97, page3, Towards a virtual museum of the geographic production process, Rob Wheeler 

April 2013 Issue96, page53-53, Book review: Primary trigs in Wales, Richard Oliver Issue96, page49-51, Kerry musings, David Archer Issue96, page48, Who drew Westmorland man?, Robert Harold Issue96, page46-47, Book review: The Times Mapping the railways, Rob Wheeler Issue96, page42-43, Book review: Under every leaf, John L Cruickshank Issue96, page38-41, The 'Withycombe' style, Richard Oliver Issue96, page36-37, Mapping international sporting events, Rob Clynes Issue96, page31-35, More about ha-has on OS maps, David Andrews, Paul Bishop, Richard Oliver Issue96, page30-31, The struve geodetic arc, John Davies Issue96, page20-29, The introduction of UTM grid on military maps, Mike Nolan Issue96, page17-19, OS data in A-Z adventure atlases, Mark McConnell Issue96, page14-16, OS maps that changed the world, Nina Morgan Issue96, page8-13, The use of OS data by commercial publishers , John L Cruickshank Issue96, page6-7, Exploring Explorer House, John Davies 

December 2012 Issue95, page58-59, Book review, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue95, page55-57, Kerry musings, David Archer, 2012 Issue95, page51, Rams and pumps, Ken Hollamby, 2012 Issue95, page47-50, Wirral's stone circles - or were they?, Malcolm C McIvor, 2012 Issue95, page46, The finest index map in the world?, Rob Wheeler, 2012 Issue95, page43-45, Ley hunting with Watkins, Ken Hollamby, 2012 Issue95, page33-42, A few notes on map lettering, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue95, page25-31, A lost map of Salisbury Plain?, Roger Hellyer, 2012 Issue95, page20-24, OS series held by the National Library of Scotland, Robert Harold, 2012 Issue95, page18-19, Not the M1, J Mackay, DC Kimber, R Wheeler, 2012 Issue95, page16-17, London 2102: Why not walk it?, John Davies, 2012 Issue95, page6-15, Representation of ha-has on OS six-inch mapping, Paul Bishop & Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue95, page3-5, Use of OS data by commercial publishers, Karen McGrath, 2012 

August 2012 Issue94, page56-59 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2012 Issue94, page50-51 , Pumps and wells at 1:2500, Rob Wheeler, 2012 Issue94, page49 , The earliest Bender?, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue94, page48 , Why the Blue Ensign?, Peter Stubbs, 2012 Issue94, page46-47 , The Dale Dyke Dam disaster, Richard Dean, 2012 Issue94, page33-45 , Filling the gap: a short place-name excursion, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue94, page23-32 , Teaching OS map-reading as a foreign language, John L Cruickshank, 2012 Issue94, page17-22 , Maps from the past?, Alexander Kent, 2012 Issue94, page10-16 , OS mapping from AA and AZ, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue94, page4-9 , CCS Archives catalogue on Janus, Anne Taylor, 2012 Issue94, page2-3 , Thank you Chris Board .. and welcome Gerry Zierler, 2012 

April 2012 Issue93, page51-54 , Book review, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue93, page47-50 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2012 Issue93, page41-42 , A new Guernsey official map, Gerry Zierler, 2012 Issue93, page39-40 , DSA seminar 2011, John Seeley, 2012 Issue93, page38 , Yorkshire boundaries: a postscript, John L Cruickshank, 2012 Issue93, page36-37 , Constructing the M1 , Rob Wheeler, 2012 Issue93, page26-35 , Writing notes for the Godfrey edition, Richard Oliver, 2012 Issue93, page20-34 , The Vandyke process, Mike Nolan, 2012 Issue93, page16-19 , Pictures never lie?, Chris Higley, 2012 Issue93, page10-15 , Stanley Cursiter and his contribution to mapping, John Shearer, 2012 Issue93, page4-9 , New NLS online maps, Chris Fleet, 2012 

December 2011 Issue92, page56-58 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2011 Issue92, page52-55 ,Book reviews, Richard Oliver, John Davies, 2011 Issue92, page49-50 , Irish 3D town models, Rob Wheeler, 2011 Issue92, page42-48 , Brian Friel's Translations and Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1824-1846, Ann Marshall, 2011 Issue92, page41 , Lough Dan, Co.Wicklow, George du Noyer, 2011 Issue92, page40 , Kieran Wade, the man who shows Russians the way!, John L Cruickshank, 2011 Issue92, page37-39 , CCS visit to Dublin, John Henry, 2011 Issue92, page34-36 , CCS visit to Gotha, John Henry, 2011 Issue92, page33 , Blue period, 2011 Issue92, page32 , Observations on BT&D map printings, Ed Fielden, 2011 Issue92, page29-31 , The National Grid six-inch and 1:10,000 scales, John Cole, 2011 Issue92, page23-28 , The later OS half-inch maps, some points of detail, Richard Oliver, 2011 Issue92, page6-22 , Surveying the administrative boundaries of Lancashire and Yorkshire after the 1841 Ordnance Survey Act, John L Cruickshank, 2011 Issue92, page3 , OS maps now printed by Butler, Tanner & Dennis, Steve Burry and Matt Maiden, 2011 

August 2011 Issue91, page65-68 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2011 Issue91, page60-62 , Book reviews, Richard Oliver, Andrew Robinson, Mike Parker, 2011 Issue91, page59 , Maps on the move, John Davies, 2011 Issue91, page58, Albert Eades, Roger Hellyer, 2011 Issue91, page54-57 , The haven of rest and the Imperial Geographical Service, Mike Nolan, 2011 Issue91, page52-53 , Regular revision, john Cole, 2011 Issue91, page36-51 , The Ordnance Survey act, tidelines and the growth of a myth, Richard Oliver, 2011 Issue91, page31-36 , Thumbnail sketches on one-inch covers from 1945 part 5, K S Andrews, 2011 Issue91, page28-30 , Manchester ship canal and early large scales revisions, Richard Dean, 2011 Issue91, page20-27 , OS and OpenStreetMap, Steve Chilton, 2011 Issue91, page6-19 , OS motoring atlas of Great Britain, John L Cruickshank, 2011 Issue91, page2-5 , Map art on Irish covers, Michael Richardson, 2011 

April 2011 Issue90, page60-62 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2011 Issue90, page52-59 , A map too far, Arnhem 1944, Mike Nolan, Rob Wheeler, 2011 Issue90, page48 , Black work at Counter Drain, Rob Wheeler, 2011 Issue90, page46-47, Epping Forest The official map, John Davies, 2011 Issue90, page45-46 , Stanfords print-on-demand maps of London railways, Gerry Zierler, 2011 Issue90, page44 , Latest map printings, Ed Fielden, 2011 Issue90, page41-43 , Photo-zincography and helio-zincography, Richard Oliver, 2011 Issue90, page38-40 , Loc8 codes - directions made easy, Gary Delaney, 2011 Issue90, page36-37 , How Bartholomew gained and lost a customer, Rob Wheeler, 2011 Issue90, page29-35 , A picture of the land, Aidan de la Mare, 2011 Issue90, page23-28 , Bringing the past into the digital age, Richard Harper, 2011 Issue90, page18-22 , Colby's camps, Iain Thorner and Richard Oliver, 2011 Issue90, page4-17, OS data collection and mapping of tidal features, Brian Baily, 2011 Issue90, page2 , Campbell Ballantyne 1932-2010, Yo Hodson and David Millbank Challis, 2011 

December 2010 Issue89, page54-57 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2010 Issue89, page50-52 , Review: Cassini map teaching set, John King, 2010 Issue89, page40-50 , Review: Map of a nation, Richard Oliver, 2010 Issue89, page38-39 , Arnhem revisited, Francis Herbert, 2010 Issue89, page36-37 , The hills are stuffed with OS lawyers, Mike Parker, 2010 Issue89, page33-35 , No more OS maps as we know them?, David Archer, 2010 Issue89, page30-32 , A map in my collection, Aidan de la Mare, 2010 Issue89, page25-29 , Bartholomew half-inch series, Christopher Fleet, 2010 Issue89, page23-24 , Soviet military city plans of British Isles, John Davies, 2010 Issue89, page20-22 , A great map for a Great Park, Gerry Zierler, 2010 Issue89, page16-17 , Postcodes in Ireland, Paul Ferguson, 2010 Issue89, page13-15 , Touring amidst the tors, John Cole, 2010 Issue89, page5-12 , How big a map does it take to build socialism?, John Cruickshank, 2010 Issue89, page3-4 , John Beer (1930-2010), Richard Oliver, 2010 

August 2010 Issue88, page50-51 , Landscape of London [map review], Richard Oliver, 2010 Issue88, page47-49 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2010 Issue88, page44-46 , Not such a Scilly map, Gerry Zierler, 2010 Issue88, page41-43 , Surveyor’s name on OS map, Richard T Porter, 2010 Issue88, page37-41 , My great, great grandfather was a leveller and contourer, Bob Shannon, 2010 Issue88, page36 , More battles, John Cole, 2010 Issue88, page25-33 , More New Popular printings and other discoveries, K S Andrews and P S Welham, 2010 Issue88, page17-24 , Oxbridge ramblings, Chris Higley, 2010 Issue88, page11-16 , Ordnance Survey and cartographic style: keeping the good view (part 2), Alexander J Kent, 2010 Issue88, page9-19 , Alan Sillitoe (1928-2010), David Archer, 2010 Issue88, page3-7 , The consultation of the future of Ordnance Survey, Richard Oliver, D F Watt, Anthony Cartmell, 2010 

April 2010 Issue87, page51-53 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2010 Issue87, page49 , A different Medway crossing, Rob Wheeler, 2010 Issue87, page44-49 , The New Popular index damaged, mended and improved, K S Andrews and P S Welham, 2010 Issue87, page31-34 , Khrushchev preferred Bartholomew’s maps, John L Cruickshank, 2010 Issue87, page29-30 , A persistent error, John Cole, 2010 Issue87, page19-28 , Ordnance Survey and cartographic style: keeping the good view (part 1), Alexander J Kent, 2010 Issue87, page11-18 , Arnhem 1944 – were the maps good enough?, Rob Wheeler, 2010 Issue87, page4-6 , The consultation of the future of Ordnance Survey, Richard Oliver, 2010 

December 2009 Issue86, page53-55 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2009 Issue86, page44-48 , Thumbnail sketches on one-inch map covers from 1945 (part 4), K S Andrews, 2009 Issue86, page24,37-38 , In passing, John Cole, 2009 Issue86, page17 , Visit to The National Archives, Alan Fair, 2009 Issue86, page13-18 , Bogus Bognor: the early states of the 1:25,000 Provisional Edition, Rob Wheeler, 2009 Issue86, page9-12 , Visit to Guernsey, July 2009, Chris Higley and Alex Kent, 2009 Issue86, page7-8 , Visit to Map Department, Cambridge University Library, Gerry Zierler, 2009 Issue86, page6 , Edinburgh event, September 2009,, John Davies, 2009 

August 2009 Issue85, page58 , An Ordnance Survey staff association, Richard T Porter, 2009 Issue85, page51-54 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2009 Issue85, page45-50 , An Ordnance Survey art society and its members, Richard T Porter, 2009 Issue85, page24-26 , New editions, sweeps, and did the broom do its job?, John Cole, 2009 Issue85, page21-23 , Charter Bounds on the 1:25,000 Provisional Edition, Rob Wheeler, 2009 Issue85, page13-14 , Visit to Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, Gerry Jarvis and Andrew Janes, 2009 Issue85, page5-8 , Timothy Robin Nicholson 1930-2009, Rob Wheeler and David Archer, 2009 Issue85, page2 , Cathy Bull, David Archer, 2009 

April 2009 Issue84, page59 , A rubber stamp in the Ordnance Survey, 1877, Richard T Porter, 2009 Issue84, page52-55 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2009 Issue84, page46-47 , Visit to FWT, John Davies, 2009 Issue84, page44-45 , Post-war 1:2500 Provisional Edition maps of Birmingham, John Cole, 2009 Issue84, page42-43 , DOS/OSD series numbers, Richard Oliver, 2009 Issue84, page33-41 , Covering post-war Scottish Populars, K S Andrews, 2009 Issue84, page29-32 , Chain of events, John Cole, 2009 Issue84, page5-7 , Visit to No.1 AIDU, RAF Northolt, Eddie Ashill, 2009 

December 2008 Issue83, page58 , In vino veritas tabularum, Keith Andrews, 2008 Issue83, page56 , Hall and Yolland – original correspondence, Richard T Porter Issue83, page54 , Lord Salisbury and disagreeable countries, Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue83, page51-53 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2008 Issue83, page39-41 , Civil War battlefields, John Cole, 2008 Issue83, page37-38 , The ‘shading’ of buildings on the 1:2500, 1893-1912: its ‘meaning’, Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue83, page27-34 , ‘Edition codes’ and identifications on Ordnance Survey maps, Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue83, page 10-11 , October weekend in Conwy, John Davies, 2008 Issue83, page7-9 , Copenhagen, Chris Board, Gerry Jarvis, John Davies, 2008 Issue83, page4-6 , Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, John Henry, 2008 Issue83, page3 , Visit to Lovell Johns, John Henry, 2008 

August 2008 Issue82, page63 , William Driscoll Gosset, Richard T Porter, 2008 Issue82, page56-58 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2008 Issue82, page50-56 , Air Wars, John Cole, 2008 Issue82, page37-49 , Views from Moscow, John L Cruickshank, 2008 Issue82, page28-36 , The consumption of Ordnance Survey maps by Government departments in 1884, Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue82, page22-24 , AGM address: Cassini Publishing, Brian Quinn, 2008 Issue82, page17-21 , New Popular one-inch maps – more on the covers, K S Andrews, 2008 Issue82, page15-16 , The old Town Series: 1:500, 1:528 and 1:1056, John Cole, 2008 Issue82, page8-9 , Visit to Isle of Man, John Davies, 2008 Issue82, page4-7 , Defence College of Intelligence, Royal School of Military Survey, John Seeley, 2008 

April 2008 Issue81, page56-57 , Missing red plate – a gripping mystery, K S Andrews, 2008 Issue81, page54-55 , Kerry musings, David Archer, 2008 Issue81, page53 , A, B, C and M: road numbers revealed [book review], Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue81, page43-47 , The shadow of the land-surveyor, Rob Wheeler, 2008 Issue81, page36-39 , The early years of the National Grid fifty-inch map, John Cole, 2008 Issue81, page30-33 , Plagiarism with large-scale maps, Rob Wheeler, 2008 Issue81, page16-29 , Sheet lines, sizes and style: a Scottish problem solved?, Richard Oliver, 2008 Issue81, page13-14 , UK Civil air charts, Chris Higley, 2008 Issue81, page11-12 , Visit to Quickmap, Luton, Nick Jeffery, 2008 Issue81, page10-11 , The GeoInformation Group, John Winterbottom, 2008 Issue81, page8-9 , A helping of Roseberry Topping, David Shirt, 2008 Issue81, page6-7 , Accountancy and opacity: another Select Committee and the Ordnance Survey Richard Oliver, 2008