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Half-inch - Provisonal cartobibliography

The first Charles Close Society cartobibliography of the Ordnance Survey half-inch map was begun by Guy Messenger, but this was left incomplete at his death in 1993. Though organised differently, the present work incorporates some of Guy’s research, and an attempt has been made to locate and check copies of all the half-inch maps that he recorded. Some of the gaps remaining here are because we have in a few cases failed to find any copies of some of the states listed by Guy, and one reason for issuing this list in this provisional form is the hope that owners of them may come forward and inform us in order to fill those gaps in the record.

Several entries in the list are preceded by an asterisk, and others still have question marks against certain features. Some of these entries are based on Guy’s work, some on incomplete source material, some are mere assumptions of states not recorded at all. Some entries have gaps, others are apparently a complete record, but we would ask owners of any of these to check to see if the record as presented is indeed correct. Indeed there may still be errors in any entry in this list, and the compilers would be grateful for information about any detail that is apparently incorrect.

If you wish to suggest additions, amendments or deletions to this list or have any relevant information to offer, please contact the editor

Download the Provisional cartobibliography (64 pages A4)