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Forthcoming Events


Saturday 28 March, 11:30-16:00, Redbourn, Hertfordshire
Local Group meeting (all welcome, please contact David Watt
Show and Tell on theme Miscellaneous ... one-offs, oddites and wierdos.

Thursday 23 April, 14:00-16:00, Scott Polar Research Institute Library (Cambridge)
This visit to an unusual library will enable members to view a range of maps at different scales covering the Polar Regions. Maps available for inspection include areas of Alaska, Antarctica, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Russian North and Svalbard. There is a small museum on the same site, this is not included in the itinerary but members are free to visit this earlier in the day if they wish.
Book at

Saturday 9 May, Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Road, Lincoln
Annual General Meeting. Full details in April Sheetlines.

Wednesday 13 May, 19:30, Wall, Staffordshire
Midland Group local meeting (all welcome, please contact Leslie Watson
Show and Tell, subject being 'Antiquities on Larger Scale OS Maps (25-inch to Quarter-inch)'

Wednesday 13 May, Mercer’s Company Archive (City of London)
This visit will feature estate plans and other maps in this Livery Company’s archives. Its estate includes areas around Covent Garden, such as present location of Stanford’s. Due to space constraints places on this visit are severely limited.
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Friday 22 May, 09:30–16:30 CARTO CYMRU - Symposiwm Mapiau Cymru 2020: Arolygu’r Strydoedd | The Wales Map Symposium 2020: Surveying the Streets
CCS members are invited to attend. The Wales Map Symposium 2020, held by the National Library of Wales and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales in association with the Historic Towns Trust, will focus on how towns and cities have been mapped through time and how this can help us to understand the history and processes of urban growth. Speakers to include Professor Keith Lilley, Mr John Moore and Professor Helen Fulton.
To coincide with the symposium there will also be a display of specially selected items.
Admission by ticket: £20 (including morning & afternoon refreshments and buffet lunch). For further information and to book your ticket, please visit:


Saturday 8 February, 11:00-16:30, Notting Hill Gate, London
London Group meeting (all welcome, please contact John Davies
Show and Tell on theme of London.

Wednesday 8 January 2020, 7:30pm, Wall, Staffordshire
Midland Group local meeting (all welcome, please contact Leslie Watson
Show and Tell

Saturday 11 May 2019, Alnwick
Annual General Meeting. Full details sent to members with April 2019 Sheetlines

Wednesday 12 September, 7:30 pm, Village Hall, Wall, Staffs (SK 0972 0651).
Illustrated talk on ‘The Contoured Map of the Thames Basin’ (1870) by Bill Henwood.
More information from Lez Watson on 07812144675 (text is better) or via his website contact form at

Saturday 15 September 2018
Local Hertfordshire meeting, Redbourn. Organised by David Watt contact

Saturday 13 October 2018, Cambridge University Library, The Great Lines Project: Charles Hutton’s contribution to the invention of contours. Talk by Karen Rann.
The talk will focus on mathematician Charles Hutton who – whilst working for the Greenwich Royal Observatory – was tasked with computing the data collected by surveyors working on the mountain Schiehallion during an experiment to “weigh the world”. Hutton’s description of his subsequent map, and its calculations, were published by the Royal Society in 1778.
Although this manuscript map is missing, from his calculations Karen – working with a present-day mathematician – has been able to recreate a version of the missing map as well as ‘compare and contrast’ models of Hutton’s contours compared with modern OS altitudes.
The talk will also touch on some of the earliest manuscript maps to include isobaths, and cartographic depictions of the mountain Schiehallion (pre and post contours), in a bid to understand how ‘elevation’ has been depicted on maps through history.
Booking essential: For further information and booking, contact Bernard Anderson
Karen Rann is a freelance visual artist with a particular interest in space and place. Most of her work is research-based and a result of artist residencies. Usually the outcomes are in the form of installation, sculpture or performance, though now map-making is added to the list.

Saturday 11 June, Durham Record Office. This is a morning visit after which there is an opportunity to explore the historic city. The archivist has promised a fascinating display of local maps. Among them will be plans of coal seams and workings specially prepared for the owners of the mines involved and large-scale maps and plans of the surrounding area.

Monday 9 July, Chester Record Office – an afternoon visit to another historic city. Here we will see a display specifically aligned to CCS members and their interest. In addition to OS maps the Record Office holds examples of early maps of the county and more specialist material covering such areas as soil type and developments including the Manchester Ship Canal, the town of Crewe and New Towns at Warrington and Runcorn.

Saturday 12 May 2018, Kingston on Thames
Annual General Meeting. Full details sent to members with April 2018 Sheetlines

Wednesday 12 July, 2.00 pm, Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent – SORRY, NOW POSTPONED
Numbers are limited, please make early registration at

Saturday 13 May, Lincoln
Annual General Meeting. Full details were sent to members with April 2017 Sheetlines