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138. One-inch The Curragh District, 1926 (CCS 218B/51/1)

Very few small-scale maps reprinted by the newly independent Ordnance Survey of Ireland in the years before the second world war have been recorded, the reason, no doubt, being that the stocks of maps printed before 1922 in most cases proved an adequate supply for many years. The publication of this new map of The Curragh District in 1926 is thus of particular significance. It covers a larger area than its 1903 predecessor, which is known in reprints to 1911, and it has the same revision date of 1898. There is unlikely to be much if any further revision of detail, since the second national revision did not cover the area of the Curragh. The present map is a 1935 reprint of the map first published in 1926, but there are indications that it was initiated before 1922. The map border is in the style of the third edition large sheet maps of Cork, Dublin and Belfast published in 1918, the lettering of the title is entirely consistent, and there may be significance in the copyright statement "Crown Copyright Reserved". But the legend seems unconnected with the pre-1922 map, as do the instructions in the use of the grid. Oddly, the map has no Ordnance Survey of Ireland heading, usually top left. The map measures 24 by 26 inches, and carries a two-inch alpha numeric squaring system. Hill depiction is by hypsometric tints, with a twelve-section layer bar, and may well be the first layered (without hill shading) one-inch Ordnance Survey map of Ireland.

From a copy in a private collection