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GSGS 2748 1:20,000 artillery training map Stonehenge

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55. Nearly two hundred artillery training maps were published during the first world war. With few exceptions they were at a standard scale of 1:20,000, and were district maps photo-reduced from County Series six-inch (1:10,560) maps. Standard sheet coverage was 17,500 by 10,950 yards (effectively 16 by 10 km); most maps were printed in black with contours at 5 metre intervals in brown. They were originally classified GSGS 2742a (the number reserved for the 1:20,000 Western Front maps, the suffix a implying the overprinted squaring system), then allocated their own number, GSGS 2748. Most of the known surviving artillery training maps are in the two-volume set in the British Library (Maps 150.d.14). These volumes largely comprise late printings, and earlier ones, such as these three, are very rare indeed.

From a copy in the University Library, Glasgow