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Half-inch (1:126,720) map of England and Wales, sheet 36

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25. The same experimental colouring, with the array of hachuring, hillshading and contouring to represent the hills, as has been applied to several one-inch maps (Killarney, Dorking & Leith Hill, Aldershot North, Aldershot South, Plymouth, Torquay, Glasgow, Ilkley) is seen here at the half-inch scale on a previously unrecorded copy of sheet 36 'Plymouth, Torquay & Exeter', printed in 1919. The sheet lines are also unique. The base-map has been re-compiled and re-engraved, and is the only known example of the re-engraving of this map intended in 1914, but evidently aborted by the first world war.

From a copy in a private collection